more like unbearable

Adorkable - Sarra Manning

the female lead makes the top of my list for most unlikable female characters. if this book was trying to send the cliched "be yourself" message it failed miserably the female lead (Jane?) criticized the "cool people" for acting superior while she was doing the exact same thing just in a more obnoxious way.


"if   you  were one of  those   popular  types  who  got  on  with  absolutely  everyone  then  you  couldn't have  much of  an  edge."



she treated most people like crap and calling them stupid or unoriginal including the male lead I don't understand why he even tolerated her I really have no clue. we get this sob story about her being alone and whatever but really that doesn't excuse the way she acts nor does it make me sympathize with her in any way.


and from what I understood adorkable was all about leaving the house like you got dressed in the dark all her outfits made me cringe:

I swear this described her outfit at one point.

I don't know maybe I'm being too harsh on this book a lot of people liked it, I guess it just wasn't for me.

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil on the other hand kicks this book's butt the male lead is funny and relatable and the overall message is great the books aren't that similar but they reminded me of each other in the sense that they both deal with teens being different I would absolutely recommend Life in Outer Space.